Wrap 'n Go

What is the Wrap 'n Go?

The Wrap 'n Go will save you Time!

Bring the Wrap 'n Go to the pallet and wrap once-- where the product is palletized!

A turntable solution requires that you to transport the pallet to the machine. This means you need to secure the load with stretch wrap or tape before you wrap the pallet.

With a Wrap 'n Go, you wrap once. The small footprint allows you to bring the machine to the pallet, where you can wrap your load in an aisle as small as seven feet wide!

The Wrap 'n Go can wrap a full pallet in as little as thirty seconds!

Most turntable wrappers take several minutes at best. The Wrap 'n Go's efficient design means little to no setup, and after a few passes, your load is secure and ready to go!

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